Charming oil of an elegantly- dressed mother with girls dressed in white, gazing out upon the beach and sea at Deauville, France. The bright colors of the myriad balloons are mirrored in the flags, the sea, as well as the hats of the mother and two of the girls. Canvas dimensions are 22 x 25 3/4. Housed in a whitewashed decorative frame, measuring 29 1/2 x 33 1/4 x 2 3/4. Signed lower left. Excellent condition. $1,800.

Provenance: Hollywood Road Gallery, London, England.The gallery’s biography of Beauvais reads: Born in 1942, he came from a family of artists. He studied painting under his father, Arnold Beauvais (1886-1984), but was, for the most part, self-taught. After a variety of jobs, he turned to full-time painting in 1973; since then he had a number of successful one-man shows in London, Jersey, U.S.A., Mexico and Australia. He travels extensively, especially to France where he finds the inspiration for much of his work. His style is reminiscent of a by-gone era and his paintings are to be found in many major private collections worldwide. He lives with his family in the South-east of England.