Impressionist style oil on canvas over board, depicting mountain, farm, fields, and path at twilight. Signed Bela Mayer, LR. Title: New Hampshire; in pencil inscribed verso. Gallery label: La Falce-Freshler Fine Art at Balcony Antiques, Canton,CT ; attached to top frame verso. Canvas size: 13 7/8 h. x 17 3/4 w.; frame dimensions: 21 x 25. $1,800.

Peter Bela Mayer is well-known for his Impressionistic works of the New England landscape, as well as those near his home in New York. Mayer was a was born in Loeche, Hungary, 1887. It is not known when he immigrated to the United States; however, he enrolled at the National Academy of Design in New York City in 1908. After finishing his education, Mayer moved to Long Island and stayed in the New England area all of his life. During the 1940s, Bela Mayer added the Peter to his name in order to avoid confusion with female artists. In 1984 at a Roslyn, NJ showing of his work he was quoted as saying balance is the most important element in a painting.” His Impressionist paintings combine the organic lines of nature perfectly with the more structural and geometric lines of man in a non-abrasive, harmonious manner. He spent his time outdoors painting towns along the Hudson and around his home on Long Island.

Mayer exhibited at many prestigious galleries such as the Corcoran Gallery, National Academy of Design, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Art Institute of Chicago. His name appears in all of the major American and international art references.