Luis Sagasta




Seaside Croquet

Scene de la Boulevard





About the Artist

Luis Sagasta, an Impressionist Spanish painter, chose as his subjects scenes of the wealthy, such as racecourses and richly-dressed ladies and gentlemen in park settings. Sagasta shared studio space for years with fellow Spanish painter Juan de la Cruz Soler. A description of Sagasta on the verso of the painting reads: Luis Sagasta was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1947. He received his formal training in art at the Art and Crafts School in Barcelona. Since 1970, he has participated at various galleries in Barcelona with great success. In 1971, he received the first place of young painters in the Sola Pares exhibition in Barcelona. There are permanent works by the artist in Galeria Arco Romano de Medinaceli Soria. His paintings can be found in numerous private collections not only in Spain but also throughout the world.


1973 Niu d’art in Santa Argot del Valles

1973 Artistic Circle of Sant Lluc

1976 Palau de la Bireina

1976 L’Aula de Cultura de Barcelona

1977 Jerava Caixa

1978 Puerto Llarno in the Casa Municipal de Cultura

1978 Second Benal Caixa d’estalvez de Barcelona

1978 Palau Ulnerva