Oil on board. Canvas size: 20 x 15.75; frame size: 27 x 23 1.5. $1,500.

Susan Lane was born in the Cotswalds, England. Her painting style favors the plein air technique of French artists such as Sisley and Pissarro . In addition to English scenes, Lane has also painted in France, Amsterdam, the Italian Alps, as well as in America. Her work has been exhibited at Wally Findlay in New York and Palm Beach, as well as Campbell’s of London and at the Priory Gallery in Gloucestershire.

Susan Lane’s paintings can be seen in Wally Findlay’s Summer Insiders June 2012 Gallery Catalog, along with such artists as Michael Vollbracht, George Nemethy, Andre Vignoles, Isabelle de Ganay, Nicola Simbari and Yvonne Ardissone.